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Sex Addiction Recovery: Gratitude for the Growing McKinney Recovery Community

When I began my private practice in 2009 I was excited to be the first Certified Sex Addiction Therapist to serve the McKinney area. However, I quickly realized the difficulties… Read more

Sex Addiction Recovery: Texas First Intimacy Anorexia Recovery Group

Texas’ first therapeutic men’s intimacy anorexia recovery group is set to begin January 2017 in McKinney. Although the Dallas-Ft. Worth and surrounding areas have a strong therapeutic and 12 Step… Read more

Surviving Betrayal: Surrender Your Loss

   When we first learn that we’ve been betrayed by someone we love and trust, that event takes on such magnitude that it leaves room for lit­tle else in our… Read more

Emotional Starvation – When Your Marriage Snuffs Out Your Spirit

There is a silent epidemic in our country. Thousands of spirits are dying a slow, painful death everyday. They are dying from hunger, from thirst, from unfulfilled needs – but… Read more

Intimacy Anorexia & Sex Addiction: When You Are Living Off Crumbs

After counseling recovering sex and porn addicts, partners of sex addicts, and couples trying to rebuild trust in the wake of betrayal for many years, I have come to the… Read more

Sex Addiction Recovery: Navigating Your Partner’s Valentine Boundaries

Navigating the Valentine’s Day triggers your partner is experiencing can be tricky for if you are trying to put your marriage back to together after your spouse’s discovery of betrayal…. Read more

Infidelity Survivors and Partners of Sex Addicts: Bill of Rights

New Year’s resolutions can be difficult in the wake of discovering betrayal in a relationship. Finding the energy to come up with a goal for picking up the pieces of… Read more

Sex Addiction Recovery: ‘Tell Me Again’ – Helping Your Partner Heal From Betrayal

Helping Her Heal Have you ever noticed how someone grappling with grief needs to talk about his or her lost loved one over and over again? There is an almost… Read more

Recovery Fortune Cookie: 3 Signs of a Hypocrite

There are three signs of a hypocrite: when he speaks he speaks lies, when he makes a promise he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays his trust…. Read more

Infidelity-Induced Trauma: Infidelity Survivors and Partners of Sex Addicts

“Finding those emails was the worst moment of my life. I knew nothing would ever be the same. I would never be the same.”  M. Discovering the infidelity of your… Read more