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Disclosure Guide

professionally-guided disclosure with a certified disclosure guide

In the wake of sexual betrayal and deception, especially those that involve sexually compulsive or addictive behaviors, what the betrayed partner and the fractured relationship most need is TRUTH. Partial truth, staggered confessions, lies – only make it worse. Don’t try to navigate repair after discovery on your own. Use the help of a certified Disclosure Guide to help you find your way through the disclosure phase of your recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any proof that disclosures are helpful in healing?

Yes! There are multiple studies that indicate that although painful, the benefits of a professionally-guided disclosure far outweigh the harms. Caudill and Drake (2018) found that 88% of partners and 81% of those doing the disclosing reported the benefits to outweigh the risks.

As might be expected, the persons doing the disclosing had much more apprehension than the partner before the disclosure; however, after the disclosure 91% deemed the professionally-guided disclosure to have been helpful to both their relationship AND their own personal recovery.

What is a certified Disclosure Guide?

Certified Clinical Disclosure Guides (licensed clinicians) and Certified Disclosure Guide Coaches (trained coaches or mentors) have foundational training in working with those in recovery for problematic sexual behaviors and/or the betrayed partner.

In addition, Disclosure Guides have received advanced training and consultation mentorship in how to help clients prepare for, complete a Rite of Truth, and navigate post-disclosure healing rituals, such as a Partner Impact Statement and a formal empathetic-compassionate response process to the impact on the partner.

What is the Restoring Truth Model for a professionally-guided full disclosure?

The Restoring Truth Model is a trauma-informed, polyvagal-sound, relationship enhancing method for completing a professionally-guided full disclosure. Clients use his and hers companion workbooks for preparing for, completing, and recovering from the disclosure process. Consequently, both parties use the same blueprint, the same step-by-step process, and a common language to prepare their mind, body and spirits for this healing ritual.

How can I find someone who is trained and certified as a Disclosure Guide?

A ‘Find a Guide’ listing of those who have been trained in the Restoring Truth Process can be found at Kintsugi Recovery Partners. Those already certified are listed as CCDG (licensed professional who is certified as a Disclosure Guide) or CDGC (a coach who is certified as a Disclosure Guide).

Do I have to do a disclosure in an Intensive Recovery Healing intensive?

No. Our certified Disclosure Guide clinicians or coaches will work with you to prepare for a disclosure intensive, to complete the process as a part of ongoing counseling or coaching, or as a stand-alone process while you continue to work with your primary therapist or coach. Both in-person or remote disclosure options are available, depending on your unique situation.

Does your program use Disclosure Guides?

Absolutely! Our team includes certified clinical and coach Disclosure Guides working in conjunction with one of the creators of the Restoring Truth Model.

Meet Our Disclosure Guides

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Dr. Janice Caudill

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Laura Fletcher

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Coach Josie Vanatta

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