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Married: But Parenting Alone Q&A

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Individuals or couples welcome for this online event

Date: Saturday August 3, 2024

Time: 11:00-12:30 PM CST

Price: $45

Format: Online

Are you in active betrayal trauma or beyond, juggling the family and household responsibilities, work and other commitments while managing and creating your own stability and self-care? Are you married (or sharing custody) but parenting alone?

Join Laura Fletcher and Dr. Janice Caudill to discuss navigating the role of Primary parent whether you are in relationship or have uncoupled. Bring your questions and challenges surrounding boundaries, communication, self-care (what’s that?!), and more.

We will speak about general issues rather than giving advice about your specific situation.

We also want to hear what would resources you need, what would be most helpful to you in this role as input toward future workshops, groups, or other supports. Send your feedback to Please include ‘Married But Parenting Alone’ in the subject line.

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Helping Her Heal: An Empathy-Building Workshop for Men

12-Session Group Workshop

Starting: October 2024

Time: Alternating Saturdays 11:30-1:00 PM CST

Format: Hybrid, in-person or online

Led by Dr. Janice Caudill, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist/Partner Betrayal Trauma Specialist. This is a structured, work-group format with step-by-step guidance on developing and applying empathy to help heal your partner’s heart after sexual betrayal.

Participants use structured material to learn how to use empathy as a tool in repairing their relationships. Builds in support, intimacy psychoeducation, accountability, skill building and practice, so you can take ACTION.


Gain understanding how your behavior has caused your partner pain, even if unintentionally.

Learn the basic building blocks of empathy to repair damage to your relationship and help your partner heal.

Learn how to use trigger busting strategies to defuse your partner’s anger.

Implement a roadmap for understanding her pain and the options for repair.

Understand when and how to apply empathy.

Implement and practice using Carol Sheet’s Help.Her.Heal workbook as a blueprint for repair.

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This group workshop series offers 2 optional group meetings for your spouse (at the beginning and end of the series) to offer resources for dealing with the frustrations or disappointments your partner may experience as you learn and grow, to establish realistic expectations of the pace of your growth, and to encourage positive feedback during your empathy development process that inspires you to grow.

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