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Healing Hearts, Restoring IntegrityCharting the Path to Recovery

Intensive Recovery Healing

Intensive Recovery Healing offers intensive hope for intensive recovery. Our particular expertise includes partner betrayal trauma, sex and pornography addiction, intimacy anorexia, and relational trauma. Work with our elite team of clinicians and coaches to navigate your path to recovery.

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Dr. Janice Caudill

Founder of Intensive Recovery Healing

and Intensive Recovery Coaching

Psychologist, CSAT, APSATS Partner Betrayal Trauma Specialist, Intimacy Anorexia Therapist, Disclosure Guide

Welcome to Intensive Recovery Healing, a sanctuary for wounded hearts and pillar for those seeking to forge integrity. Here, amidst the chaos of your world, we see your pain and your pathway out of it. Here you will find intensive hope for intensive recovery. We offer you the tools for the journey and we challenge you to become the authentic spirit you were meant to be.

Intensive Recovery Healing is a community—a tapestry woven from the threads of shared experiences, compassion, and mutual support. Here, you'll find kindred souls ready to walk alongside you, offering encouragement, solidarity, and a reminder that you're never alone in your journey. We are dedicated to helping you chart the path to recovery.



Fast track change by devoting 3-5 days toward your own healing.


Traditional counseling for problematic sexual behavior or betrayal.


Need a coach to walk the path with you?

Disclosure Guide

Need a professional with advanced training in walking you through the disclosure process?


Be a part of your own healing tribe.


Learn how to achieve change of heart, mind, body, spirit.

Consultation & Supervision

Individual, Dyad, Group Sessions: APSATS, CSAT, CPTT, Disclosure Guide


Sex/Porn Addiction

Struggling with sexual secrets? Putting your relationship at risk? Partner upset about your sexual behavior?

Partner Betrayal Trauma

Shattered by sexual betrayal? Deceived by someone you thought you could trust?

Intimacy Anorexia

Is your marriage starved for affection? Living in an emotional wasteland?

Trauma Healing

Seeking relief from family of origin, relational, or other life trauma?


Want an evidenced-based treatment for trauma resolution?

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Seeking fast relief from trauma?

Somatic Experiencing

Looking for a more holistic, body-based healing experience?


Want to use a cutting-edge treatment for emotional pain?

ready to start healing?

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