A person is leaping over a gap between 2 cliffs, one labeled a myth and the other fact representing making a resolution.

Partners of Sex Addicts: Starting Today’s Resolutions

A Painful Reminder

If the past year has been one filled with disbelief, pain, sorrow, fear, or pockets of white hot anger, you may be looking forward to putting it behind you and starting fresh in the new year. You are feeling the surge of energy and motivation for making 2013 the year you finally lose those 20 lbs, get that promotion, or knock off all the items on your bucket list.

However, if you are the partner of a sex addict, your resolutions look quite different because you don’t have the luxury of the optimism that goes with those rosy colored glasses. You’ve been blindsided too many times when you tried to put them on. Starting today, you need to resolve yourself to a different outlook: