A woman crunching numbers on a calculator.

Making Life Work for You

Life will work for me when I realize . . .

the only walls, locked doors and prisons in my life are the ones that I have built.

Making a Mental Health Plan

Let today be the day that you develop a plan to clear your mind of clutter, congestion and conflict. It is called a men­tal health plan. Free your mind of unproductive, nonessen­tial, potentially hazardous thoughts about yourself, others and your life. This is called men­tal health plan refinement.

Clear out all grudges, lay down all burdens, heal all wounds and settle all debts. This is called mental health freedom. You can use this day to abandon the anger, defy the defeat, forgo the fear, get rid of the guilt, shatter the shame that may be clogging your mind. This is called men­tal health plan development.

Once the channels are cleared you may find that you have more en­ergy to celebrate your creativity, declare your divinity, embrace excel­lence, validate your own value and become aware of all of your blessings. A clear mind will help you make required changes in your life. A clear mind will change how you see things and people. A clear mind is more valuable than a map. It is like a fine-tuned instrument that leads you to exactly what you are looking for.

You must have a plan to develop and fine-tune your mental health. This plan will help you choose to whom and to what you give your life’s energy. You must take the time to think about what you are thinking about. You must filter through the layers of your mind on a daily basis just; to make sure that you are not lost in the fog of yesterday. A mental health plan will keep you from getting stuck. A plan gives you direction.

Until today, you may not have had a mental health plan; a plan for the freedom, development and refinement of your mental faculties. Just for today, be devoted to planning how you will open, free and fine-tune your mind to bigger and better things.

Today I am devoted to developing a mental health plan!

Excerpt from Until Today: Daily Devotions for Spiritual Growth and Peace of Mind by Iyanala Vanzant