Consultation & Supervision

Consultation & Supervison

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Consultation & Supervision

Janice currently offers consultation supervision and mentoring for the IITAP, APSATS, Disclosure Guide and Somatic Experiencing communities for the following certifications:

  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapist — CSAT
  • Certified Clinical Partner Specialist — CCPS
  • Certified Partner Trauma Therapist — CPTT
  • Certified Partner Coach — CPC
  • Certified Clinical Disclosure Guide — CCDG
  • Certified Disclosure Guide Coach— CDDC
  • Renewal consultation credit for APSATS recertification for clinicians and coaches
  • Somatic Experiencing Personal Sessions at the Beginning and Intermediate levels toward the SEP

I require at least one solo individual session to review goodness of fit, review your CV and professional background, and establish supervision and personal development goals.

Individual Sessions: My standard day and time for individual supervision sessions (dyad or solo) is Wednesday at 1 pm CST. However, you can request alternate days and times for appointments. Use the Contact Janice below to request an individual session (or a shared individual session for IITAP and APSATS candidates).

Group Sessions: I offer theme-based group supervisions, which combine traditional supervision with an additional focus on specialty recovery themes. The groups include a resource share among participants. You can check out the calendar, request to be on the notification list, or check out the Next Supervision Consultation Group section below. Groups typically occur on the 4th Tuesday from 12:00 – 2:00 pm CST. You can also Contact Janice and request to set up a group consultation around a special interest of your choice at an alternate time.

  • A Framework for Understanding How to Use Testing
  • Using Testing Feedback to Break Through Denial
  • The Full Disclosure Process
  • The Post-Disclosure Process
  • Boundaries, Behavior, and Accountability
  • Embodied Boundaries
  • Value-Driven Boundaries
  • Emotional Abuse and Boundary Implications
  • Psychological Abuse and Manipulation
  • Gaslighting
  • Intimacy Anorexia
  • Dealing with Trauma Triggers
  • Trigger Busting
  • Incorporating Shame Resiliency in Recovery
  • Working with the Nervous System and Somatic Interventions
  • Integrating Polyvagal Theory in Trauma Recovery
  • The Partner Impact Statement as a Vehicle for Empowerment
  • Sensual and Sexual Healing
  • Posttraumatic Growth in Recovery
  • Developing Intensives as a Business Practice

Yes! Coaching candidates can receive up to 10 hours of supervision consultation with me. Certified coaches can also use specialty-themed supervision for renewal credit.

Specialty-themed supervision groups can count toward both initial certification and renewal credit for clinicians and coaches who are already certified if the group includes a specific focus with a psychoeducational component. This requires that you actively participate in answering a brief pre-group survey of your needs and participate in group discussions. You will receive a handout and group resource exchange.

Information about the Disclosure Guide training is at the bottom of this page. It can also be found at Kintsugi Recovery Partners.

The application for candidacy and oversight of certification is administered by APSATS. You can find information at

Complete the APSATS application and confirm you have been approved for candidacy. Use the ‘Contact Janice‘ to requestion a session or group. Please specify if you are inquiring about individual, dyad individual, or group mentor seesions.

Next Supervision Consultation Group

Specialty Theme/Mentoring Session: Disclosure Process
Date: Thursday, September 28th
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 CST

Cost: $50 per supervision hour for a total of $100

Specialty Theme/Mentoring Session: Disclosure Process
Date: Friday, October 27th
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 CST

Cost: $50 per supervision hour for a total of $100

Next Disclosure Guide Mentor Group

(Counts as APSATS, CSAT, or CPTT Supervision)

Disclosure Guide Mentor Group
Date: Thursday, September 28th
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 CST

Cost: $50 per supervision hour for a total of $100

Disclosure Guide Mentor Group
Date: Friday October 27th
Time: 12:00-2:00 CST

Cost: $50 per supervision hour for a total of $100

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