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What is the Difference Between Big T and Little t Trauma?

Dr. Janice Caudill, PhD, CSAT-S, CCPS-S, CPTT-S, PRT, IAT, SEP

Learn the differences between big and small traumatic events.

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Betrayal Trauma: Understanding Your Trauma Triggers

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The Gaslighting Pill in Infidelity & Sex Addiction: Separating Out the Kernel of Truth

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Empowerment Toolbox: Empower Yourself with the Wonder Woman Pose

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Making Life Work for You

 Life will work for me when I realize . . . the only walls, locked doors and prisons in my life are the ones that I have built. Mental Health… Read more

Partners of Sex Addicts: Sex Addiction Induced Trauma

I recently came across an article in The National Psychologist by Dr. Omar Minwalla. Dr. Minwalla is a psychologist, clinical sexologist and clinical director of The Institute for Sexual Health… Read more