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Starved for Love: Intimacy Deprivation in Sex and Porn Addiction

One of the least discussed but most painful experiences for partners of sex or porn addicts is the deep level of intimacy deprivation that many endure both before, during, and… Read more

Emotional Starvation: When Your Marriage Snuffs Out Your Spirit

Emotional starvation is a silent epidemic in our country. Thousands of spirits are dying a slow, painful death everyday. They are dying from hunger, from thirst, from unfulfilled needs –… Read more

Intimacy Anorexia & Sex Addiction: When You Are Living Off Crumbs

After counseling recovering sex and porn addicts, partners of sex addicts, and couples trying to rebuild trust in the wake of betrayal for many years, I have come to the… Read more

The Hidden Influences that Fuel Relational Unhappiness

McKinney Counselling & Recovery (Relationships) Discovery of sexual betrayal, particularly in the context of sexual addiction, destroys trust in the sense of connection in our relationship. Much of early recovery… Read more

What Does Intimacy Anorexia Have to Do with Sex Addiction and Why Should Partners of Sex Addicts Care?

  Intimacy anorexia is an extreme form of love avoidance in which emotional, spiritual, and/or sexual intimacy is actively withheld from the primary relationship partner. So what does that have… Read more

Love Avoidant Strategies in Intimacy Anorexia: Money Control

  Intimacy anorexia is a form of love avoidance in which the anorexic systematically deprives his or her spouse of emotional, spiritual, and/or sexual intimacy. The end result for the… Read more

Texas First Intimacy Anorexia Recovery Group

Texas’ first therapeutic men’s intimacy anorexia recovery group began in January 2017 in McKinney. Although the Dallas-Ft. Worth and surrounding areas have a strong therapeutic, and 12 Step recovery community… Read more

Love Avoidant Strategies in Intimacy Anorexia: Too Busy for Intimacy

Too Busy for Intimacy? Those of you of my generation may remember the lyrics of the Guess Who song No Time …. No time for the love you send Seasons… Read more

Love Avoidant Strategies in Intimacy Anorexia: The Silent Treatment

  Intimacy anorexia is a term coined by sexual addiction recovery expert Doug Weiss to describe the active withholding of emotional, sexual and/or spiritual intimacy in the recovering couples he… Read more

Love Avoidant Strategies in Intimacy Anorexia: The Blame Game

  Does your mate hear even minor feedback as if it’s an attack? And respond by going on the full out attack of you? Does he block your efforts to… Read more